This afternoon I was approached by a junior developer and asked me how I started my python apprenticeship. I told him take a look at my blog tonight I’ll show you the steps.

The Steps

1. Grab Eclipse from By the time of this writing, I am using Luna.

2. Grab python from I am using 2.7.8 during this post.

3. Install additional software on eclipse.

– Go to Help > Install New Software. And on the work with field, add Why nightly? Because it is the nightly build and the nightly build contains the recent updates.


– When asked if do you trust the certificate? Just check the box because you have no other choice anyway. =)

– Now we are all set. Let’s create a simple loop which prints out the content of a list.

theList = [1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21]

def firstLoop(theList):
    for item in theList:
        print item


4. Let’s run our first program and it should print out the content of the list as expected.



So, your first program is running. Are you going to stop from here? I won’t.

If you disagree with what I posted, feel free to hit me up in a form of an email. Please visit my site if you need to know more about me. I will be blogging every night to share what I know.