It’s been a long time since I havent created a blog about silverlight. Ill make this short since I have lots of things to do, not just silverlight. Today, I am going to show my latest addition to my projects “The Project Tracker”. This will show that silverlight is not just for media.

First Screen
The home screen. This window will list all the current user’s projects with Active Directory authentication.

Second Screen
The project creation screen. This window is where you save your current projects for tracking.

Third Screen
The project attachment screen. This window is where you attach supporting documents for your project.

Fourth Screen
The query screen. This window is where you will find the projects by you and your teammate and can be filtered via there status.

Fifth Screen
The history window. This window is where you will keep track of who commented or did something to your posted project.

Sixth Screen
The notification module. The highlighted object will slide up and stays for 5 seconds which acts like other notifications in the taskbar.

Now who said that silverlight is just for animations and other things. Lets make it simple and straight. If you want a rich interactive web application for your audience use Silverlight.