Silverlight on Facebook

For those who want to load their Silverlight application on Facebook. These are the steps.  This is the simplest implementation that i’ve tested so far. If you have a much better implementation, then lets share for the community.

Facebook Setup

1. Login to Facebook.

2. Under Account menu, click Application Settings.

3. On the Developer row, click Profile.

4. On the Developer Profile, click Go To Application.

5. On the Profile Page, click Setup A New Application.

6. On the Create Application Page, type a name for your application and press Create Application.

7. On the Application Page, Select Canvas on the left menu.

8. Once in the Canvas Page, go to the Reguired URLs section. And provide the below parameters.

Canvas Page URL = “Name of your application”
Canvas Callback URL = “Url of the application except for the page that is hosting your silverlight app.”
must be

9. Save your Application.

IIS Settings

1. Under Default Web Site, navigate to your Application and select Features View

2. On the features view, double-click Default Document.

3. On the Default Documents, add the Web page the hosts the silverlight control.

To View Your Application

1. After saving your newly created application, click View Application Profile.

2. In the Application Profile Page, click Go To Application.

This is my sample silverlight application on facebook.


Author: francorobles

A soon to be jedi in the art of software development...

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