Testing WCF Services with WCFTestClient

This is for those who dont know this Add-in tool yet which is very usefull when it comes to developing WCF services. I’ve been searching for this Add-In since, luckily I had a Team Lead which is not that selfish in terms of knowledge sharing. So I will do the same for those who has problems debugging their wcf service.

Okey here are the steps.

1.) Locate the add-in which resides on your installation path under \Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common\IDE\WcfTestClient.exe

IE: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\WcfTestClient.exe

2.) Add WCF TestClient to your External tools under Tools > External Tools menu of VS 2008. Under the Command field, copy and paste that path of the WCFTestClient.exe. And you name the tool in the Title field like the image you see below.

Debugging Example

1.) Build your project containing the wcf service.
2.) Launch the WCTTestClient which will appear under the Tools menu of Visual Studio 2008 after adding in the external tools.

3.) Right-click “My Service Projects” and select “Add Service”

4.) Once the service is successfully added. Your service operations will be listed in the left pane. To test these service operations, just double – click the operation and press invoke.

Any breakpoint(s) in the service method which is invoked will cause a break point after pressing invoke.

Finally, our problem of testing a wcf service has been made easy with Visual Studio 2008’s WCF Test Client.


Author: francorobles

A soon to be jedi in the art of software development...

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