Tracking your TIME in the office with Manic Time

There are times in the office where I feel a little worried whenever I notice that I am spending too much time on emails, research, and not on my vs 2008 IDE. Time on morning breaks like snacks, lunch breaks. Time that should have been spent on coding, upgrading existing applications, improving existing sql jobs, rewriting slow sql queries, and other important matters such as attending to the problems of irate customers.

This time, I found a free personal time management software that would track my time in the office. Name of the application? Its called Manic Time.

About Manic Time.

Manic Time is a personal time management software that would track every running applications on your pc such as internet explorer, windows explorer, microsoft office, and other applications that are currently opened. It logs the time you started that application and the time you closed that application. It also records the time spent when you are away from your pc. Below is a sample log of the application.

Detailed Log


Summary Log


The above image clearly shows what manic time can do. For me, this application has a very important purpose on my machine. I will no longer worry at the end of the day whether I have delivered the equivalent effort to the salary and the benefits that the company is giving me.

Want to learn more? Click Me.

Download it here.


Author: francorobles

A soon to be jedi in the art of software development...

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